Polarity Therapy – An Overview

What is Polarity Therapy?  It is a holistic approach to healing based on the same conclusion embedded in Einstein’s famous equation:  E=mC².  What we think of as matter is, in fact, energy.  It’s all energy.  Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic medicine from India, and ancient Western Esoteric Healing all agreed on this, and Polarity draws on all of these, and yet it is a unique approach to energy-based healing, with its own techniques and approaches to interfacing with the client’s energy system.

It’s developer, Randolph Stone, D.O., D.C., N.D. (1890-1981) understood that real healing must acknowledge the interrelationship among body, mind and spirit and that energy was the mediator amongst these.  “Energy is the real substance behind the appearance of matter and form.”  He saw the body as energy, thoughts as energy, emotions as energy, and food and water as energy.  He felt that complete healing must address one or more of these.  And so he was way ahead of his time in this era of modern Western healing, based as it is on the old Newtonian, mechanistic paradigm of metaphysics.

Dr. Stone used multiple strategies to address the energy system of the bodymind. First was through the use of the hands on the body, sometimes still, sometimes moving, and varying the depth and pressure to stimulate or inhibit energy flow to encourage a healthier balance of energy flow and distribution than the one that body was using to compensate for whatever the person was dealing with.  This is what the Polarity Practitioner refers to as the polarity balancing part of the session. (“Polarity” refers to the balancing of the energy between its north and south poles, as in a battery.)

He also recognized that a health balance of movement and stillness of the body (which includes restorative sleep) is also an essential contributor to an optimal energy economy of the body.  He encouraged his clients to practice certain exercises and postures that he devised for that purpose, which he called Polarity Yoga.  These are now part of the Polarity practitioner’s repertoire.

Proper nutrition was recognized as being important in detoxifying and rebuilding the body.   A student of the history of nutritional approaches will recognize the influence of the principles of Natural Hygiene, developed in the early 1900’s and still popular today, and the classification of foods according to the energy paradigm practiced in the East, which classifies all material phenomena according to their combination of 5 primordial energies, referred to as Space (“Ether”), Air, Fire, Water, and Earth.  Each person is encouraged to experiment and find what combination of foods (elements) will most help their body to heal and rebuild itself.

A Polarity practitioner does not diagnose or treat disease. We encourage clients to seek medical or other professional attention when indicated. Dr. Norm Shealy MD. PhD. formally Founding President of the American Holistic Medical Association says “I have studied and experienced a wide variety of somatic therapies and believe everyone can benefit from Polarity Therapy”.

We have an active association here in Ontario. As a group we stand by the principles of Dr. Stones work. Individual practitioners may include these as part of their practise in combination with other modalities depending on their particular interests and training. For more information and to find a practitioner check our website. www.polaritytherapy.ca. Also the American Polarity Association, which acts as the governing body www.polaritytherapy.org.

~David Pinto