Polarity Therapy

Polarity Therapy is a comprehensive health building system that considers the natural flow of energy in the human body to be the underlying foundation of health at all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

All matter is composed of energy. Modern science is gathering evidence that energy fields and currents exist everywhere in nature, including the human body. For example, doctors currently use EKG and MRI machines to measure electrical activity in various parts of the body.
We are also learning how energy forms a framework or blue print from which our bodies are continuously being regenerated and formed. A person’s individuality in terms of their physical body, the way in which they think and feel, and ultimately their health are constructed from their own unique energetic framework. As with all electromagnetic fields, the human energy field can be impacted upon by other fields, which may lead to changes or disruptions in a person’s natural framework. Therefore, in order to be healthy, it seems necessary to continually create and maintain healthy movement of the electromagnetic energy that makes up their framework. In Polarity Therapy this is achieved by coordinating and balancing energy fields of positive (+), negative (-) and neuter (0) polarities.

Known across many cultures as the Life Force, Chi, Ki or Prana, energy and energy balancing is and has always been a central concept for many ancient and traditional health care systems, such as Oriental Medicine and Indian Ayurveda. It is commonly understood that when a person’s energy is in balance, he or she is healthy; when out of balance, he or she may experience pain, stress, agitation, tension, and ultimately disease. It also asserts that the human system has an innate tendency to strive toward optimum wellness.

Polarity Practitioners do not diagnose or treat disease. They support clients in becoming aware of stress and other underlying causes of their discomfort. Practitioners are trained in the art of listening, through ears, eyes, and hands, to the energy flow in an individual. They respond to that energy flow and encourage balance through the coordination of: hands-on bodywork techniquesexercise recommendationsnutritional guidance, and communication facilitation of the impact of mental and emotional processes on overall health. Through these avenues, practitioners provide support for the development of energy awareness. Once acknowledged and aware of the options for a higher level of health, the client’s whole system may begin the process of returning to its innate state of wellness. As practitioners of Polarity Therapy, we respect, appreciate and work to support a healthy energetic framework.

Although the aim is simple and concise, Polarity Therapy’s philosophical and practical implications reach deep into the human experience and the practice touches on all aspects of life. Modern scientific research continues to provide new understandings and evidence regarding powerful effects and health benefits made possible by Polarity Therapy and energy work as a whole.